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Shark Barbara Corcoran - This fiery real estate mogul turned a $1,000 loan into a real estate empire worth more than 2 billion dollars!

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Meet Barbara's Entrepreneurs!

Ava the Elephant Tiffany Krumins

Tiffany is a nanny-turned-entrepreneur who invented a friendly medicine dropper that cheers children on to take their medicine. When Tiffany presented her product on Shark Tank, she had only a handmade clay prototype. Two years later, Ava The Elephant was being manufactured in China and sold nationwide in CVS, Safeway, Kerr Drugs, Harmens, McKesson, and Kroger. While Tiffany's dream was coming true, there was something still nagging at her. She had always wanted Ava to be made in the USA. After months of research, Ava will now be made in the state of Tennessee.

Body Jac "Cactus Jack" Barringer

Try as he might, 60-year old Jack Barringer of Ames, Iowa couldn't lose his beer belly. Then he had a heart attack—and a wake-up call. Jack invented a simple pushup device to help him shed the extra pounds. Sharks Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Herrington agreed to back him with $180,000—but only if he was able to lose 30lbs in a month. Jack proved he was up for the challenge.

Cerebral Success Trevor Hiltbrand

Trevor Hiltbrand developed Cerebral Success out of his college dorm room. Alarmed by rising rates of prescription drug use on college campuses, he hoped to find a better, healthier alternative to these risky study aids. Cerebral success is a premium brain supplement designed to enhance memory, focus, and mental agility. Cerebral Success is well on its way to becoming the pre-eminent brain supplement on the market! Check out this review here where Cerebral Success was rated #1 best brain supplement.

Cousins Maine Lobster Jim Tselikis & Sabin Lomac

Cousins Jim and Sabin are native Mainers with a passion for their home state's most notorious export: lobster. What started as a simple idea to bring the country's best lobster meat to the picky pallets of Los Angeles, is now a full-blown business that includes a truck, a brick and mortar location in the Greater Los Angeles area, and a speedy online “shore to door” distribution service.

Daisy Cakes Kim Nelson

Kim Nelson, founder and chief baker at Daisy Cakes, learned how to bake at the apron strings of her mother, grandmother, and Great Aunt Daisy. They taught her the simple secrets to baking authentic, homemade, four layer cakes: hand-sifted flour, farm fresh eggs, and homemade sweet cream frosting. Kim, a regular top-selling brand and personality on QVC, sells thousands of cakes online to customers nationwide!

Frill Clothing Sharon Bui & Kate Steadman

Sharon Bui, a sorority and marketing girl from North Carolina, came up with the idea of Frill after having difficulty finding stylish and affordable clothing options for sorority recruitment. In 2011 she approached Kate Steadman, another North Carolina gal with experience in the apparel design and production field, and Frill was born! Putting their talents together and combining what little money they had, the two designed outfits that are perfect for any day of sorority recruitment. Kevin O'Leary, along with Barbara, invested in Frill and the brand now prides itself on being The One Stop Sorority Shop. Today, Frill dresses thousands of sorority girls across the country!

Grace & Lace Melissa & Rick Hinnant

Melissa Hinnant, a lifelong DIY girl, started Grace & Lace in 2011 with a pair of lacey women’s leg warmers. What started as an “accidental company,” quickly became a hit, and is now a full-blown business with hundreds of products ranging from leg warmers to hair accessories, scarves, and even a full summer line! A true Shark Tank success story, Grace & Lace is also dedicated to making a difference in the world. A portion of each sale is donated to help build orphanages in India.

Hold Your Haunches Jenny Greer & Erin Bickley

Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley, the “Head Haunchos,” started Hold Your Haunches started back in 2010. The idea came to life during their daily walk, while discussing their dissatisfaction with body shaper clothing not keeping everything in place! They put their heads together and developed Hold Your Haunches, a line of luxury fashion pants that feature a layer of highly graded compression shapewear for the shapely and smooth silhouette every woman is looking for.

Nardo's Natural Danny, Kyle, & DJ Mastronardo

In 2009, the Mastronardo brothers discovered the health benefits of coconut oil and decided to formulate a locally sourced, all-natural skincare line. Inspired by the New York Firefighter calendar, the brothers pose shirtless along with the ingredients that make Nardo’s Natural skin care so unique. Since Shark Tank, the brothers have inked a deal with a major factory to produce and bottle their product and are in talks with a hotel distributor to put Nardo’s Naturals on the luxury hotel map all across the nation.

Paintzen James Goldman, Justin Geller, Mike Russel

Paintzen is a marketplace for home and office painting - providing customers with instant quotes and matching them to experienced paint crews. Paintzen was founded in early 2013 by a group of colleagues who noticed that finding a trustworthy painting company or a reliable painter could be a very daunting task. Now, Paintzen has a community of painters and apartment owners in New York City and are turning the bare to flair.

PayRange Paresh Patel

Paresh Patel founded PayRange after being unable to fill his tires at a gas station because he didn’t have enough quarters. PayRange aims to break the payment barrier by bringing cost-effective, easy-to-use mobile payments to machines that include vending, parking meters, luggage carts, transit ticketing, laundromats, amusement, and more. Paresh Patel is a veteran of the automated retail industry, having previously founded companies on both the customer-side and the technology-side.

Pipcorn Jen & Jeff Martin

Brother and sister duo, Jen and Jeff Martin founded Pipcorn while Jeff was helping Jen move apartments. In desperate need of a snack, Jen remembered the special little kernels she had gotten a few days earlier. Five minutes later, they were snacking on the best popcorn they had ever tasted. All of their delicious flavors are popped in small batches and seasoned by hand. Pipcorn is delicious mini-popcorn that is all-natural, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and an excellent source of fiber!

Pork Barrel BBQ Heath Hall & Brett Thompson

were Washington lobbyists hustling pork barrel spending on the US senate floor. They decided to launch their BBQ sauce business to supplement their income on weekends. It was their Shark Tank appearance that got them the cash from Barbara and notoriety they needed to go from selling 5 small stores to 500 large grocery stores within months. They'll also be opening the new Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant chain this spring. The catch? Heath Hall looks just like an adorable pig and Barbara made dressing like a pig the marketing gimmick part of the deal.

Ride On Carry On Darryl Lenz

Flight attendant Darryl Lenz noted that baby strollers were a complete hassle at airports. So she invented a clever chair that attaches to carry-on luggage and lets children get a free ride! Her chair folds flat, goes right through security, and fits neatly into the plane's overhead bin. Since Darryl and her husband showed their Ride On Carry On chair on Shark Tank, the chairs—now in four new colors--have flown off the shelves in the US and abroad!

Ry’s Ruffery Ryan & Daniela Kelly

Ryan Kelly created Ry’s Ruffery when he realized that his dog, Barkley, didn't like mass-produced, generic dog treats. Made from all-natural ingredients, 10-year old Ryan began selling his dog treats at his brother’s lacrosse games and at the local dog shelter. Since his appearance on Shark Tank, Ry’s Ruffery is sold in major supermarkets across the country and Ryan has been nominated for Ernst & Young’s entrepreneur of the year.

Social Rewards Joseph Morin & Mike Uesugi

Joseph Morin and Mike Uesugi founded Social Rewards out of their desire to be rewarded with loyalty points for tweeting about brands they already loved. Social Rewards is a social media-based loyalty marketing program that rewards a brand’s consumers with loyalty points for engaging in social media activity such as brand mentions via Twitter and Facebook Likes and fan activity. Their  primary focus is Movie Trailer Marketing and they recently partnered with 20th Century Fox Film to create and launch

The COOP Juliet Ward & Lucinda Lent

Juliet Ward and Lucinda Lent were friends for many years before they had kids. They hung out in cool places, had interesting conversations, and wore high heels. Then they had kids. Their cool coffee houses and leisurely lunch hangouts were traded in for windowless play spaces overrun with junkie toys and cutesy murals. Not content to accept this fate, the ladies came up with the concept of the COOP. A Cool, modern playspace for kids, that doesn't forget the adults desire to be in a space that caters to them as well (hello...CAPPUCCINO BAR!!!!). The COOP is open, it is clean, it is modern, and it's lots of fun.

Tom + Chee Trew Quackenbush & Corey Ward

Tom and Chee are reinventing the way we think about grilled cheese. Starting with just a tent and single grill in Cincinnati's iconic Fountain Square, they have now grown their business to three corporate owned stores and a burgeoning franchise business. With menu items like the Grilled Cheese Donut and the Grilled Mac n Cheese, Tom + Chee's new twists on a classic are taking the Midwest by storm. And when you are done with your grilled cheese and tomato soup, don't forget to finish off the meal with a grilled cheese dessert!

Veggie Mama Theresa & Robert Fraijo

Theresa Fraijo founded Veggie Mama with one simple goal in mind: to offer more opportunities for families to enjoy veggies. Realizing there had to be a better way, Theresa set out to find healthy, all-natural snacks that could supplement her children’s missing nutrients and, more importantly, get them excited about eating vegetables. Veggie Mama can be found on the shelves of over 600 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Villy Customs Fleetwood Hicks

When Fleetwood Hicks walked onto the Shark Tank set, everyone wanted to own one of his custom fashion bicycles. His candy-colored cruisers were so enticing he snagged two Sharks,  Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban, and convinced them to plunk down a half a million dollars. Fleetwood has not stopped hustling since. The handmade bikes will be showcased and sold in The Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel, and they’ve even secured an Australian distributor.